About Us

We remove snow and ice fast.

Our mission

We are United.

United Snow & Ice Removal’s mission is to minimize the effect of snow and ice through a zero-tolerance, reliable and effective removal service at both the critical times and critical areas of your property.

Experts in large properties

High capacity snow removal.

Our expertise, equipment, and strategies have been designed to deal with snow and ice at large facilities and properties. We do so, through our understanding and vast experience of their unique requirements when handling any amounts of snow and ice by offering custom tailored plans such as pretreatment,  plowing, hauling, and de-icing combinations. 

Flexible and Customizable

A solution to every property.

As every property is unique, its approach to removing snow and ice should be carefully planned and customized to keep all wintry accumulation and its negative effects at a minimum.  However, weather is unpredictable, which requires a fast response time to emergency situations. So, whether it is average wintry accumulation or unpredictable inclement winter weather, United Snow & Ice Removal can offer reliable service despite the extreme weather patterns.  Being located in the Northeast Corridor we have substantial past performance with many different types of storms. 

About United Snow Removal

We are a snow and ice removal company helping large commercial properties and HOA communities remain snow and ice free with our zero-tolerance approach to wintry snow and icy conditions to ensure safety, continuous unimpeded operation, and low risk liability at all times.